On 19 November 2018, in the framework of the European Week for Waste Reduction, ACR+ is co-organising with its member Brussels Environment and Zero Waste Europe a conference aiming to help cities and regions in their transition to zero waste, focusing especially on organic waste. Indeed, organic waste is a matter of climate, environmental, social, political and economic urgency. It is one of the major elements of waste management for cities, representing an average of 40% of waste. The event will provide a European overview of some exemplary initiatives in terms of prevention and separate collection of organic waste. Four ACR+ members, namely SYBERT, Paris, the Catalan Waste Agency and LIPOR, will join the panels and workshops to share their experiences.

The first panel, entitled “Hundreds of actors, hundreds of reasons: tackling household bio-waste”, will present pioneering players fostering action for food waste prevention and management from households while the second one, “Keeping good habits outside the home: big producers preventing and sorting bio-waste” will be dedicated to food waste prevention and bio-waste management best practices in collective catering, hospitals, schools and retail.

The afternoon will continue with five parallel workshops; on LIPOR’s food waste prevention strategy, how to become a zero food waste city, laggards becoming frontrunners with the case of Sardinia, food surplus donation system and how Expo Milan 2015 focused on organic waste management.

Registrations for the event are currently open online.

More information: www.acrplus.org

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