ACR+ is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with its new members:

Sardegna smallThe Regione Autonoma della Sardegna (IT) is the regional administration of the Italian Republic whose competences lie with the Island of Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily and before Cyprus. It enjoys a special degree of domestic autonomy when compared to most of the other Italian regions, granted by its specific Statute of institution, approved by the Italian Constituent Assembly in 1948 (eg. it detains exclusive jurisdiction in matters of structure of local authorities and urban real estate legislation, and concurrent jurisdiction with the central government in matters of healthcare and public assistance). The region counts 1.653.135 inhabitants (Istat 2017) and is strongly mobilised on European structural funds, as witnessed by the presence of three Regional Operative Programmes Management Authorities (ERDF, ESF, and EAFRD) and several intermediate bodies for national programmes managed by central authorities.


Serit smallSer.i.t (IT) is a company operating for over twenty years in the Verona provinces in the field of environmental hygiene services and in particular in the waste collection and management. Daily Ser.i.t. works with its own means in 62 Municipalities, setting itself a precise objective: to provide continuity and efficiency in the execution of services, to pay attention to quality and to safeguard the environment, always keeping in mind the commitment to containing costs.


Rijkswaterstaat smallRijkswaterstaat (NL) is an agency within the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management consulting with policy and implementing programmes on circular economy. It is involved in stimulating the circular economy in Europe and globally (co-lead of the UNEP SPP programme), specifically on circular procurement and specific sectors like infrastructure, buildings, ICT, textiles, furniture and catering.


SFCSFC - Sistemi Formativi Confindustria s.c.p.a. (IT) is a consortium with over 80 members belonging to two main categories of entities: partners for Education, including VET providers, business school, the LUISS University; and partners representing the business sectors, entrepreneurs and Industries. The network provides a widespread system of competencies and expertise throughout Italy. This network acts in different economic sectors and local assets to design and implement training, research, and technical assistance to reinforce Enterprises competitiveness, at the regional, national, and European levels.


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