In November ACR+ has been appointed as a member of the UN-Habitat Waste Wise Cities Campaign Advisory Group. The aim of the Advisory Group is to guide and support the implementation and monitoring of Waste Wise Cities Campaign, framing in the wider UN context for coherent work on urban waste management. As a member of the Advisory Group, ACR+ is pleased to contribute to the success of the Campaign by sharing its experience and expertise in waste management issues.

Launched in October 2018, the UN-Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities Campaign aims to raise awareness around and build the political profile of waste management among cities and local governments. It wants to create a broad alliance and platform for dialogue and exchange on, as well as monitoring of, waste-related Sustainable Development Goals.

When becoming a Waste Wise City, cities commit to follow 12 Key Principles, such as “Promote the 5 Rs – Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse the use of single-use items, to derive maximum value from waste”; “Assess quantity and type of waste generated by residents, establishments and businesses”; “Improve collection and transportation of waste”. These Key Principles, also promoted by the Advisory Group, are meant to serve as a basis for the common understanding of what constitutes sound waste management in cities.

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