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After 2.5 years of researches and exchanges with different players of the recycling value-chain, the COLLECTORS consortium published two documents to share its findings:

  • The COLLECTORS guidelines provide recommendations and good practices for local waste collection systems to better assess their situation and improve their performances. They include practical recommendations for local collection of paper and packaging waste, WEEE, and construction and demolition waste. It includes general recommendations, as well as more concrete illustrations on how local players succeeded in tackle local challenges and improve their performances.
  • The COLLECTORS policy recommendations suggests how to improve national and regional framework conditions. They address six key topics and challenges highlighted by the project and provide different propositions to improve the EU, national, and regional frameworks so that local players can implement successful, economically-viable waste collection systems.

For those who prefer more interactive ways, three webinars detailed on these main findings. With one webinar focusing on one of the fractions covered by the project (WEEE, paper and packaging waste, construction and demolition waste), they addressed specific aspects that proved relevant for the implementation of good practices. The recordings and presentations of each webinar are available online:



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