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Governance, procurement, and monitoring: these interlinked topics are the focus of three newly launched ACR+ working groups on circular economy. The working groups bring together front-runners and learners from ACR+ members to work on improving local and regional strategies on circular economy and resource efficiency. Orientation papers provide more details on these topics and propose activities to be co-constructed and implemented by the end of 2020.

The working group on governance will build on the work done within the Circular Europe Network guidelines and database of good practices, the Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy (UAPCE) action on a circular city portal, the ESPON CIRCTER project, and will propose examples and recommendations for governance at local/regional level.

The working group on the monitoring of circular economy will build on a list of indicators developed within the UAPCE as well as the ACR+ campaign “More Circularity, Less Carbon” and will propose an improved list of indicators as well as encourage more territories to follow the approach of the ACR+ campaign.

The working group on circular procurement will in particular build on the work launched by the ProCirc project and the expertise of its members in order to propose guidance and material on how to stimulate the development of circular procurement networks at local and regional level (green deals for circular procurement) as well as the launching of new public tenders including circular criteria.

The working groups are organised altogether with a Leadership Group managed by ACR+ within the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP leadership group), which focuses on the same three topics in order to create more synergies and bring more forces and diverse perspectives to the work done on these issues. Several joint meetings have been implemented gathering members of the ACR+ working groups and the ECESP leadership group in order to deliver concrete results by the end of 2020.

In addition, in the framework of a supportive membership agreed with its member Pays de la Loire region, ACR+ has started to work on the topic of the governance of bioeconomy. The objective is to support the development of regional (intended as sub-national) roadmaps on circular bioeconomy where public authorities have a strong role in terms of steering and supporting the development of circular bioeconomy on their territory. The activities of this working group will in particular highlight good practices in terms of circular bioeconomy, with a focus on the role played by local/regional authorities and the cooperation between the relevant policy departments involved in the bioeconomy.

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