ACR+ joined the Close the Glass Loop platform to achieve with the other founding members 90% of glass packaging collection for recycling by 2030.

Launched on 30 June 2020, the platform sees municipalities as a key player to mobilise collection. It will thus establish a strong partnership with local authorities to expand source-separated glass collection, improve glass collection in large cities and tourist areas and ensure that use, collection and recycling of glass containers is better supported by common guidelines and tools, at all stages of use.

Within the platform, ACR+ will have a key role in gathering data to build an overview of how the glass collection and sorting chain work in the Member States, cross-analysing for this national frameworks and local waste practices. This intelligence gathering work will enrich the Close the Glass Loop campaign and will encourage key stakeholders to focus more on end-of-use glass packaging management as a key sustainable resource that needs to be better exploited.

The platform’s full action plan can be viewed at A recording of the launch event is also available for those who missed it.

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