The HOOP partners celebrated the beginning of the summer with a Study visit in the HOOP Lighthouse Kuopio, where they could hear about the experience of J├Ątekukko Ltd, responsible for regional waste management, and even visit their facilities. The visit gathered partners and members of the HOOP Network, which could exchange doubts, questions and solutions on their local bioeconomy strategies. Conversations will be continuing further as now the members of the HOOP Network have access to a new service that allows them to ask for specific technical support. Through the HOOP Hub, cities and regions that joined the HOOP Network can send their request and receive one-to-one support from one of the experts of the HOOP Consortium. All the cities and regions, waste management or wastewater treatment companies interested and involved in collection and valorisation of biowaste, and wastewater sludges can join the Network and get access to the HOOP services. Furthermore, HOOP can cover the travel costs of the members of the Network that participate in study visits, workshops and conferences organised by HOOP. The end of the summer will reveal many new opportunities of exchange and learning all over Europe, so do not miss this opportunity and join the HOOP Network!

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