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TouriSME came to an end, after 3.5 years of activities, providing 16 training courses and 6 matchmaking events to its beneficiaries. The project guided 65 SMEs in the tourism sector on their path for more sustainability and lead 26 of these to obtaining an environmental certification. The project’s final event took place on 14 June and was the opportunity to share the final project’s results, present SMEs’ experiences to the European Commission and other international stakeholders working in sustainable tourism as well as connect with tourism SMEs from similar EU funded projects. The last months of the project were dedicated to the production of multiple reports on the lessons learnt, with a key report on the results of the support schemes held for SMEs. On its end, ACR+ produced several podcasts with key stakeholders to bring to you the key learnings of the project in an interactive format and will publish a report which will encompass all the different phases of the project and lessons learnt therein, approaches and guidance for replicating the methodology developed for the project over the last 3 years. Visit the project’s website to find out more about the outcomes of the activities.




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