Using prefabricated elements to develop new buildings or renovating old constructions can have major positive economic, environmental and social impacts, especially if those prefabricated elements are made of construction and demolition waste (CDW) and manufactured via processes making them energy efficient. In particular, they will reduce the need of raw material for construction, facilitate the dismantling of buildings and the further reuse of their components, reduce the amount of inert waste (and sometimes hazardous waste) that is disposed legally or illegally, or also contribute to significant reduction of the embodied energy and CO2 emission.

The overall objective of the RE4 project - REuse and REcycling of CDW materials and structures in energy efficient pREfabricated elements for building REfurbishment and construction - in which ACR+ is involved as a partner is indeed to develop a fully prefabricated energy-efficient building bade of components containing up to 65% by weight of CDW-derived materials and structures.

This will involve the development of several intermediate but self-standing industrial results, like an innovative CDW sorting system based on automated robotics equipped with advanced sensors, a number of prefabricated building components (including connections) based on CDW-derived materials and structures, as well as the related production processes and equipment.

The RE4 project is a 42-months Horizon 2020 funded project that just started on 1st September under the coordination of CETMA, a research and technology center based in Italy.

The partners already had fruitful exchanges during the kick-off meeting held in Brindisi, Italy. Including CETMA and ACR+, RE4 involves a total of 13 partners from the private and research sectors from eight countries (BE, CZ, DE, ES, IT, SE, TW, UK), some of them being also involved in the FISSAC project, another H2020 project related to construction and demolition in which ACR+ is involved.

In RE4, ACR+ will in particular be in charge of gathering data about CDW management regulatory framework and the use of economic instruments. ACR+ will also be in charge of some communication and dissemination activities to spread the project results to local and regional authorities.

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