ACR+ member WRAP, in the framework of ECAP project, has published a report titled “Mapping clothing impacts in Europe: the environmental cost” which examines the global environmental impacts of clothing in Europe. It states that in the EU over 6 million tonnes of clothing was purchased in 2015. This resulted in 195 million tonnes of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as well as a total of 46,400 million cubic meters of water used in the process of manufacturing, shipping and washing the consumed clothes.

As such, the report concludes that behaviour change amongst consumers could make a big difference to the impact of clothing industry to the environment. Secondly, reducing amount of clothing in residual waste should be a key area in focus. Lastly, focusing on less wasteful practices in the supply chain has a potential to significantly reduce impacts.

The full report can be accessed here.

Source: www.ecap.eu.com


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