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ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland published a report “The Composition of Household Waste at the Kerbside” which shows that, on average, 60% of what goes in the non-recyclable “landfill” bin could have been recycled instead using existing household recycling services provided by local councils across Scotland. This equates to 670,000 tonnes of recyclables.

The report also highlights that food waste is the largest recyclable waste type found in residual waste bins. It shows that only 27% of food waste collected by local authorities is typically captured in kerbside recycling services, with the rest ending up in the wrong bin. That’s in spite of 80% of Scottish households, around 1.8 million, having access to a food waste caddy.

The new composition data also showcases the huge progress the country has made on recycling. The volume of almost all recyclable waste types being disposed of in the landfill bin – from paper to glass and textiles, and including food waste – has decreased from 2009.

The full report can be downloaded here


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