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The Scottish Government has a target to reduce all food waste arising in Scotland by 33% by 2025. There have been some efforts so far to reduce this waste. As such, Scottish household food waste has reduced by 5.7% between 2009 and 2014, which resulted in savings to household budgets of 92 million pounds.

ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland, in order to engage business in this process, has developed a “Food Waste Super heroes” campaign.  This simple competition will help businesses find their Food Waste Super Heroes by engaging staff about food waste issues and getting them to identify ways to reduce food waste and start saving businesses’ money.

All the information and resources have been prepared and made available for download. The guidance document is the starting point to learn how to promote and run the competition, resulting in the identification of your Food Waste Super Heroes and many great opportunities to reduce your food waste.


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