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ACR+ member OVAM published its annual report 2017. The report highlights actions carried out in several areas during 2017. Two eco-design challenges were organised, as well as a circular economy bootcamp. These activities brought circular economy into the spotlight, stimulating about 200 design and management students to invent circular solutions.

Littering was tackled from multiple perspectives in 2017 via an initiative “Pretty Franders” (“Vlaanderen Mooi”) designed to tackle littering and illegal dumping. In September 2017, Operation Proper has been launched with 171 Municipalities, as well as 360 schools and organisations rallying to the call.

OVAM also restores polluted sites. Reclamation has begun and the sites will be turned into an ambitious housing project in Ghent. In Mechelen, OVAM bought (for a symbolic euro) and reclaimed a former laundry and dry cleaning site. Once the site is fully cleaned, it will become a circular economy hub for the city.

Through their purchases, companies and governments have a powerful lever to boost circular products and services. To accelerate that potential, the Green Deal Circular Procurement was launched in the summer of 2017. So far, 111 purchasing organisations have signed up as well as 56 support organisations.

Source: https://jaarverslag.ovam.be (in Dutch)

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