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Since its beginning in May 2017, the “Festas and Romarias” (Festivities and Celebrations) project has been implemented by ACR+ member LIPOR in 16 festivities. As a result 31,488 kilograms of recyclable waste (paper, cardboard, plastic and metal packaging and glass) was collected, the value of which amounts to 9,750 euros. On 16 April 2018, this amount was donated to various entities that were selected by the associated municipalities of LIPOR. The amount was divided based on the value of the materials collected during the festivities in the respective municipality, thereby promoting good practices and the principles of a circular economy and social responsibility.

The project, focuses on the need to increase the quantities of materials sent to recycling and promotion of the sustainable management of waste produced in initiatives such as: pilgrimages, carnivals and festivities. This project includes the installation of equipment for the selective deposition of waste; awareness campaigns and the delivery of bags for the separation of waste. During each event an operational team is present to promote the correct separation of recyclable materials and register materials that have not been properly placed. The project is associated to a communication campaign, with the motto: "Your Waste May Be the Missing Part!".

After the success of 2017, this initiative will be continued in 2018 in the eight Associated Municipalities of LIPOR.


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