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Following the launch of the action plan “You sort, we recycle” in Paris in November 2017, ACR+ member CITEO is increasing the scope of the programme by introducing it in Marseille. The objective remains the same - to change behaviours of the people of Marseille as well as facilitate sorting and recycling.
To achieve the set objective, several projects will be implemented, with a special focus put on young people. In 2018, the planned measures include the expansion of the sorting points in the most problematic neighbourhood as well as beaches accompanied with several teams of sorting ambassadors.
Additionally, 24 reverse vending machines (RVM) will be installed in different grocery stores offering various incentives in order to encourage consumers to return plastic bottles. The number of RVM will be increased to 50 by the end of 2019. Furthermore, special awareness raising programmes will be developed for the visitors of the national park as well as students on the university campus.
Lastly, two new sorting solutions will be tested. Firstly, an experiment will be conducted based on the Internet of Things technology. 40 households will receive smart bins that give instructions on how to sort packaging correctly. Secondly, a project will be developed in order to increase sorting in the fast food sector. To do so, restaurant owners will be given a possibility to return their packaging to selected wholesale distributors at the time of restocking.
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