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Data for municipal waste management in 2018 in Catalonia have been published by ACR+ member the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC). 41.8% of the municipal waste have been collected separately, representing 1.66 million tonnes and an increase of 8.4 % over the previous year. A raise in all the fractions collected selectively has been noticed, with the biggest growth for packaging (+ 9.6%), followed by organic (+ 7.5%), paper and cardboard (+ 6.5%) and glass (+ 6.3%). In total, 3.9 million tonnes of waste were generated, corresponding to 1.4 kilograms per inhabitant per day (523 kg / hab / year). Apart from the 42% selectively collected, 35% of the waste were destined for landfill sites, 18% were energized and 5% were losses.
A new law on the prevention and management of waste and the efficient use of resources in Catalonia is foreseen to be adopted during the first half of 2020, after approval of the preliminary report. For this, a public consultation was opened at the beginning of August 2019 and is now being analysed. The new draft law will work on prevention and, in particular, on the improvement of production and consumption patterns, including those more classic strategies, such as eco-design or industrial symbiosis, as well as others such as dematerialization, product-service techniques, or others aimed at reducing the consumption of resources and keeping in circulation the resources consumed.
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