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ACR+ member Aalborg Municipality and Aalborg Forsyning, together with a large number of regional business companies and educational institutions, are now part of Green Hub Denmark. This strong and green partnership works with green innovation and sustainable business models to support and accelerate the work of tackling the climate challenges.

Regarding waste, Aalborg is working on a solution where it is possible to put several types of waste in the same rubbish bin to avoid having too many bins for separate collection - the waste is simply sorted into bags with different colors depending on the content. For example, a green bag with food waste and a black bag with residual waste can come in the same container. The bags are then sorted at a color separation plant at the waste and energy company I / S Reno-Nord. Another future project targets municipal institutions that do not already sort waste and will have to be connected to a scheme that ensures the collection of waste for recycling. That is, they must sort paper / cardboard and plastic / metal by 2021.

Source: www.aalborg.dk (in Danish)

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