In a concerted effort to transform the Póvoa de Varzim market into a model of effective waste management, the City Council of Póvoa de Varzim and ACR+ member LIPOR have launched the "Clean market, shopping with pleasure!" project aimed at promoting selective waste collection within the market premises. The objective of this initiative is to create an inspiring example of responsible waste disposal, thereby enhancing the overall appeal of the market to both businesses and visitors.  
The project kicked off with a symbolic gesture on its opening day when shopkeepers were provided with bags specifically designed for the proper separation of plastic containers and paper/cardboard waste. Furthermore, the launch day was a platform for raising awareness and educating all stakeholders about the importance of correct recycling practices. One innovative feature of this initiative is the introduction of incentives for adherence to good practices and active participation. Shopkeepers who consistently maintain a clean and organised space and dispose of waste correctly will be rewarded with a monthly discount on their market rent. 
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