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The Office of Waste Management and Forestry of ACR+ member City of Warsaw has launched the "Clean Forest Connects Us" campaign. This initiative encourages Warsaw residents to exchange their used electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries for plant seedlings. Over the past three editions of the campaign, "Clean Forest Connects Us" has achieved remarkable success. A total of 7 700 kg of electronic waste and more than 1 100 kg of used batteries have been collected and responsibly managed, preventing them from ending up in landfills. Warsaw residents are not only encouraged to participate in the campaign but are also provided with multiple convenient options for disposing of electronic waste free of charge. 
One of the standout features of this campaign is its commitment to education, particularly for children and students. At the Elektroeko stand, a Polish organisation dedicated to the recovery of electrical and electronic equipment, children can learn about the proper handling of electronic waste through interactive and playful experiences. 
Source: https://um.warszawa.pl (in Polish) 
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