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ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland is publishing new estimates for the composition of household waste collected at the kerbside in Scotland in 2021-23, from the physical analysis of waste. The report describes what households throw away and recycle, to highlight the opportunities for further waste prevention, recycling and diversion from landfill.  
According to the analysis, Scottish households put 1.8 million tonnes of material into kerbside collections (residual and recycling combined) per annum. Food waste, paper and cardboard, garden waste, and glass waste made up nearly 1.2 million tonnes, or approximately 66% of the total. Food waste made up the largest single waste type at approximately 440 000 tonnes (24% of the total). Contamination within recycling continues to present a challenge to local authorities, with the analysis finding consistent levels of both non-target and non-recyclable materials present across different services. 



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