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In the upcoming "I think - I don't waste" campaign, ACR+ member City of Warsaw encourages residents to take part in activities aimed at reducing clothing waste. Warsaw boasts numerous institutions that facilitate the reuse of clothing and textiles, including points managed by non-governmental organisations, free exchange points, or charitable shops. Second-hand clothing sales have become increasingly popular in Warsaw, offering a platform to purchase unwanted clothing. Many districts host these events regularly. 
The campaign also reminds citizens that a small hole in a garment or a torn seam should not be a reason to discard it. In addition to the opportunity to utilise Warsaw's repair workshops, some cultural venues and municipal waste collection point provide sewing machines. For textiles that are beyond repair and no longer needed, they can be taken to a municipal waste collection point for selective waste collection. 
Source: https://um.warszawa.pl (in Polish) 
Do you want to know more about circular and sustainable textiles and what can you do to reduce the waste produced by this sector? Have a look at the EWWR 2022 edition. 
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