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ACR+ members The Eastern Midlands Regional Waste Management Office and The Southern Regional Waste Management Office along with their counterpart The Connacht-Ulster Regional Waste Office have launched a new national awareness campaign which aims to see an increase in the uptake and correct usage of the brown bin used for the collection of household bio-waste. The campaign, which will run across radio, online and in cinemas, asks householders in Ireland to consider how they can reduce their food waste and to make use of the brown bin which is legally required for all households living in urban areas and towns (with populations over.
Irish households must become more active in preventing food waste and managing their food waste appropriately, according to the new campaign. By making some small changes to habits such as writing shopping lists and meal plans, and using leftovers, householders can dramatically reduce the amount of waste produced along with the added bonus of saving money.
The brown bin is ideal for items such as fruit / vegetable peelings, plate leftovers, tea bags / coffee grounds, inedible bread and also light garden waste. Once collected, brown bin material is delivered from homes once a fortnight to a dedicated composting plant where it is specially treated and turned into high quality compost.
For more information please visit www.brownbin.ie or the Regional Offices Facebook page Back to Basics.
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