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The project of merging ACR+ member Ecofolio with Eco-Emballages has recently been approved by the French Competition Authority, subject to several commitments guaranteeing that it will not jeopardise the competitive situation in the markets concerned. By merging together, the two producer responsibility organisations (PRO) aim to develop eco-design, optimize collection, sorting, recycling and strengthening the competitiveness of household and paper packaging.

The two PROs want to implement an ambitious industrial plan and an investment policy with a view to developing the economic and environmental efficiency of all the household and paper packaging sectors.

The plan includes:

  • Developing eco-design and foresight on materials with companies;
  • Supporting local authorities and operators in an industrial plan to modernise and rationalise the system;
  • Innovating and deploying new collection solutions in cities;
  • Simplifying and extending sorting to all household packaging in France.

Both General Assemblies of the two PROs will vote the merge by the end of June 2017.

More information: (in French)

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