On 30 November 2017, ACR+ hosted a webinar entitled "Waste and tourism: how to set a participative approach?” Organised in the framework of the URBAN-WASTE project, this webinar focused on participative processes and the approach to attract local stakeholders to provide a mechanism for sharing their concerns and proposals and integrate those into the final solution and measures to be implemented.

In addition to the presentation of the project by ACR+, the webinar included speakers from three ACR+ members Ambiente Italia, the municipal chamber of Lisbon and Svi.Med as well as from the municipality of Copenhagen. Speakers discussed not only the participative approach to decision making in the field of waste management and its expected outcomes but also how to bring decision making closer to residents. Waste management solutions adapted to different target groups and good practices from other like-minded projects were also presented.

The recording of this webinar as well as the presentations are available on URBAN-WASTE website.


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