ACR+ member UTILITALIA, in collaboration with the Utilitatis Foundation and the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, has published the Green Book 2018, which provides a snapshot of the situation of urban waste in Italy over the last year.

The generation of waste in Italy started to grow again in 2016, after some years of stabilization: an increase of 2% was measured as compared to the previous year. Separate collection reached 52.5% in 2016, although with many differences between areas of the country: the north reaches 64%, the centre 48.6% and the south 37.6%.

The integrated aerobic and anaerobic treatment plants are concentrated in the north where 98% of the organic fraction from separate collection is managed. On the other hand, the composting plants are mainly in the south.  Mechanical biological treatment plants are more widespread in the south (with 49% of the treatment). The situation is reversing on energy recovery plants: especially in the north where 69% of waste is treated, while in the centre 12% and 19% in the south.

Source: www.utilitalia.it (in Italian)


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