What is Public Procurement? Learn how to navigate within Public Procurement

From 11 Janvier 2024 10:00 until 11 Janvier 2024 11:00
At Online
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2024 01 11 2nd training SME

Public procurement can sometimes be experienced as challenging and complicated. But with more knowledge on the subject, it can lead to a whole new world of business opportunities. In this webinar, Magnus Johansson from Företagarna, the Swedish Federation of Business Owners (the largest business organization in Sweden), told us what public procurement is all about.

This training module is the second of a total of five that will be arranged within the framework of the BRINC project. The target group for the trainings are small and medium-sized companies. All training opportunities (stand-alone modules) will cover different aspects of public procurement.




The project BRINC - Brokering cross-border innovation through clusters brings together Public Authorities who are looking for circular solutions, with companies. In this way, the Public Authorities gain knowledge about which products and solutions the companies can offer, and/or the insight that their needs can be met in ways that they were previously unaware of. The project will unlock the potential of cross-border Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) by acting as an Innovation Procurement Broker and establishing a European hub for PPI in a circular economy. It will develop methodologies and build capacity for cross-border innovation brokering. The BRINC project is co-funded by the European Union's COSME program (Competitiveness of SMEs).


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