Conference "Towards A Circular Economy And Sustainable Tourism On Islands"

From 11 Avril 2018 12:00 until 11 Avril 2018 15:00

On 11 April 2018, ACR+ hosted an international conference organised in the framework of the Interreg MED BLUEISLANDS project. Entitled “Towards a circular economy and sustainable tourism on islands”, this conference benefited from the support of the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup of the European Parliament. The conference aimed to bring together a high level panel of key actors willing to:

  • enhance mutual learning opportunities between key actors in islands and regions dealing with seasonal variation of waste and marine litter;
  • build consensus on a charter towards material resource resiliency, circular economy and sustainable tourism on islands.

The BLUEISLANDS project consortium, gathering 8 major and 55 smaller islands of the Mediterranean, intends to identify, address and mitigate the effect of the seasonal variation of waste generated on Mediterranean islands as an effect of tourism. The event took place at the European Parliament in Brussels. More information on

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