A permanent knowledge base for local and regional authorities on optimized waste management

gode cuidad resizedACR+ is part of a consortium in the CIUDAD (EuropAid) project called GODEM, which is coordinated by the Brussels Capital Region. This project is aimed primarily at creating a permanent knowledge base and network for exchanging experiences regarding sustainable and optimized waste management between local and regional authorities in the Mediterranean basin. Moreover, the project has specific outcomes including concrete municipal projects that will be put in place using an integrated and participative approach.


The targeted projects are:

  • composting activities in Tripoli - Lebanon,
  • improved informal sector organization in Rabat - Morocco,
  • a municipal civic amenity center in Sousse - Tunisia, and
  • sustainable waste management in the hotel sector in Mahdia, Djerba - Tunisia.

 Part of the project activities involves organising four regional seminars and one international conference. 


GODEM is creating a network for local and regional authorities (LRAs), named ACR+MED  See more information about the ACR+ Med Network:



  • Final International Conference, (EN), (FR) Mahdia, Tunisia, 13-14 November 2012
  • Release of the GODEM webtool, May 2012
  • Third Regional Seminar, (EN) (FR) Sousse, Tunisia, 24-25 January 2012
  • Second Regional Seminar, (EN) Tripoli, Lebanon, 19-20 September 2011


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