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The SWIM and H2020 Support Mechanism projects – Depollution of the Mediterranean & more sustainable use of scarce water resources – consists of two components, one on sustainable water management (SWIM Supporting Mechanism) and one on sustainable waste management (H2020 Supporting Mechanism). ACR+ is involved in the latter. The concept of the SWIM-H2020 SM regional project is based upon a combination of awareness-raising, policy advice, technical advice and capacity building.

Project co-financed by EuropAid.


The project held its final conference on 8 April 2019 in Brussels, presenting the project’s results, achievements, and lessons learned to reduce marine pollution and promote a sustainable use of scarce water resources in the Mediterranean region.

A booklet provides a snapshot of the project detailing its approach, strengths, opportunities and the challenges it met. It reviews the activities implemented at regional level including regional trainings, study tours and Peer-to-Peer focus groups, and closes on lessons learnt and recommendations.


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